Eltor® Integrated Loader System

The hard work has never been so light 


The Marangoni integrated loader system is ideal for all stressful situations in which the machines have to work in a stationary position, travelling just short distances and carrying particularly heavy loads (scrap yards, landfills, timber yards, etc.).



Eltor Integrated Loader System

High stability tyre designed to withstand very high loads. The reinforced sidewall limits vertical deformation and protects against accidental impact.
The compounds used guarantee maximum resistance to cuts and tears and consequently longer life. The tread is designed to improve
traction in all working conditions.
The spacer perfectly traces the profile of the Marangoni tyre sidewall, thus preventing infiltration of debris and the like.
The reinforced rim with flat bottom channel, designed especially to mount Marangoni solid tyres, solves all skidding problems.
Especially robust due to increased thickness and elimination of the aeration holes and the hole for the inflation valve.